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Art and design has interested me at a young age. After graduating with honors from The Fashion Institute of Technology I have continually worked as a freelance designer in NY and NJ. I had the opportunity to intern at Conde Nast/Fairchild at Supermarket News, a weekly trade publication that introduced me professionally to the print design and photography industry. There's a wide variety of work from my experience starting as a recreational design artist to freelance designer and then ultimately a senior designer at Graphicus Design. I'm always keeping myself busy working and staying up to date with current design trends and web design technology and advancements. I've had the pleasure in collaborating with various clients such as Presperse, L & Z, Ryco Awards, Aruba Productions and Graphicus Design. Graphic Design as a career is my passion as I continue to interact with more clients and my ambition to take on new projects daily. I strive to being conceptual in my approach to design and work with a client to get them what they need to succeed.

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Skills & Capabilities

By having experience working in an office both large and small, I consider myself a very well-rounded designer. I have been part of a team on numerous projects in fast-paced environments that keep you busy while multi-tasking between two or more projects in a given day. Also, by having great communication skills and knowledgable critiques I can easily be an asset to any office or design team.

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Portfolio of Work

Below is a presentation of some of my portfolio work completed by various clients. I've indicated, with a small logo, which client the work was done for. By successfully completing initial projects by first-time clients of mine, I've had the opportunity to work further and partner with them on future projects.

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